International Collaboration Agreement

The consultancy companies ITAC of Spain and Rawa of Jordan have agreed to collaborate for projects in Jordan and the Middle East. ITAC is a Spanish consultancy agency mainly specialized in finance issues (such as project designs and search of resources), energy and infrastructure. Rawa is a Jordan consultancy agency mainly specialized in training, organizational change and development of Arab societies.

Both these companies have vast experience in their respective specialization topics, and they share the same will to participate in the management of projects that have international funding in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and in other Arab countries.

Furthermore, both companies will collaborate in the constitution of company gatherings and public institutions in both countries to be candidates, as consortiums, for different national and international contests. The expert Alejandro Brocato Cardoso will collaborate in the activities shared by ITAC and Rawa.

Both ITAC and Rawa share the objective of achieving better life quality for the Arab people through better infrastructures, new work methods, bigger agricultural resources, modern citizen help techniques, widening of work markets, economic and budget stability, public administration modernization, etc.

This strategic agreement is not exclusive, and it allows each of the above-mentioned companies to do their own projects.

Both ITAC and Rawa share a global view of the problems and solutions for societies and they reckon that this agreement will help strengthen each company In order to be able to come up with better and more complete services for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and other Arab countries.

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