About us


Rawa International Center for Training and Consulting is a Jordanian company licensed under the laws and regulations of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, specialized in training in addition to scientific and methodological consulting. It aims to promote sustainable development in the local and Arab societies, as training is a developmental humanity process,and to develop thought and mind through sharing the expertise and experiences of others

Believing in cooperation, the center works toserve Jordanian and Arab institutions and to reduce the gap in training between theory and practice. The organizers of the center, started an initiative to lead, under the expertise and capabilities possessed by the founders of the center, to take serious steps in the right path for the transfer of expertise and experience from its narrow “theoretical”  scope to practice on the ground, i.e. “field training”. In this context, the center offers training through several stages, starting from case study and then evaluating it and identify the training needs and their required mechanisms, through the implementation of the courses and their application in the concerned institution or facility

There is no doubt that the widening of the gap between theory and practice, between traditional stereotypes courses and their application mechanisms on the ground, leads to the lack of linking the failure in service to the continuous training because of the absence of “effective training.”

From this standpoint, Rawa center for training and consulting has been keen to overcome the prevailing conventional systems in this area, through the methods of application on the ground, aiming to ensure the quality of what we offer of courses with significant improvement and distinguished levels, to serve the targeted enterprise.Based on that our real role is to provide to our partners benefits linked directly to the improvement in the services, thus provide the enterprise with a special scale indicates the ratio of benefit or the benefit compared to the running cost of training

For those reason, Rawa International Center, according to its action plan drawn for the next three years, works to enable government and private institutions to achieve the requirement of King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency, as the first national award in the field of the development of the institutional performance and promoting staff and productivity

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