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The secret of the success of any public or private institutions mainly depends on the skills and expertise of its staff and the extent of their understanding of the work mechanism of their institutions, and this comes only through the involvement of cadres of different areas of their work in many of qualifying basic, intermediate and advanced courses according to a plan ensures the progress of the institution’s work in parallel with the qualification of human cadres

Rawa center for training and consulting provides services in the field of training in a leading and distinct manner in order to develop institutional performance according to four phases, as follows

The first phase: evaluate andanalyze the needs of the targeted group

Our experts conduct field visits to understand the work nature of the targeted institution and to minimize the gaps between reality and international standards in accordance with the best practices and then to have perception of the needs of training and consulting required for the targeted group

The second phase: plan and design training courses and consulting

At this phase, we plan and design-training courses that enable the institution, subject of evaluation, to move toward continuous improvement and organizational excellence

The third phase: implementation of training

At this phase, we develop a theoretical practical work plan for the development and acquisition of skills and knowledge of the targeted group, putting them on the first steps of institutional excellence

The fourth phase: Follow-up

At this stage, a program is developed for several field visits in order to control the organization’s operations and to make sure that its work is on the right track

The training includes all stages of the development of the institutional performance from the planning, to restructuring, organizing and finally designing models and developing follow-up and evaluation systems, according to the standards desired by the targeted institution,possibility

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